Western Way Magazine CD Review - Summer 2012

With their newest release this group has swung a leg up and mounted a higher level of
performance creativity!.... Nice original songs include "Cowboy Shuffle," the title track"Heart of a Cowboy," "Cowboy Dreamin' and "He's An Old Cowboy." The collection also
contains a fine example of what was intended for the WMA Awards' thoroughlymisunderstood and now defunct Poet/Songwriter Collaboration category. It's Meg
Mawhinney's poem "I Dream of Riding Fast Horses" adeptly set to music by SteveHarrington and it's arguably the CD's most interesting track. Rarity Alert!! There are two by-gosh cowboy love songs here as well Steve Harrington's, "Where I Want To Be" and the
wistful "Together Trail"...a song destined to be heard at Western Themed Weddings far & wide!

Rick Huff

American Cowboy Magazine, August-September 2011

Mountain Saddle Band, Saddlebag Bible, Busted Cinch Records. This is one of the best
Western/Gospel recordings ever released. "Lilly of the Valley," "Rounded Up in Glory," and "The
Old Rugged Cross" are downright moving. "Strawberry Roan and Little Joe," on the other hand, is
a nice nod to the campfire storytelling tradition.

Michael Lohr

Mountain Saddle Band with Chris Isaacs:

One of the things that I enjoy as I perform across the country is finding talented entertainers who have perhaps been "flying under the radar".  What a treat to find one such group right here in my back yard. The Mountain Saddle Band has been adding their unique sound to real "Cowboy" music for a while now and are finally starting to receive the recognition that they deserve!  I'm proud to share the stage with these guys any time!

Chris Isaacs, Cowboy Poet
Mountain Saddle Band with Mag Mawhinney:

There's no doubt the Mountain Saddle Band loves what they do and that is to sing songs about the western lifestyle so dear to their hearts. The importance
of family values, the cowboy code and the love of God's creations definitely shine through in the songs they choose to sing. Lead singer and producer, Stephen Harrington's wonderful voice blends very well with the harmonies of Steve Taylor, who also plays a pretty mean harmonica. This adds a high lonesome sound to many of their songs, reminiscent of something you'd expect a cowboy to play around a campfire or perhaps hear in a classic western movie. Taylor is also a fine poet, which enhances their on-stage performances. I'd say the style of their music goes from classic western to contemporary and edgy. On a more personal note, I
know from first hand, the great integrity Stephen Harrington shows when he commits to working on a song. He even went that extra mile to create a melody and record a third song for my compilation album, despite the tight deadline. He definitely understood and interpreted the lyrics of all three songs with the same passion I felt when I wrote them. His melodies and the instrumentations he chose, literally brought them to life. I'm always impressed with the innovated way he approaches a new
song, digging deep within every nuance of the lyrics and making the melody fit. He's a very talented musician and it's been an absolute pleasure to co-write with him.

Mag Mawhinney - Poet/Songwriter/Performer

Mountain Saddle Band with Juni Fisher - 2013

I have worked with the Mountain Saddle Band several times, and from the first time working with them, I was impressed by the enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedicated work these fine guys have put into their music.  Their arrangements are dandy, and harmonies abound, with a refreshing, genuine sound.  And the best of all, these fellas are just great guys, all around.  They work so well together, with the wonderful chemistry that makes everythng about them likable, and most enjoyable.  I'm proud to consider them friends!  ........  Juni Fisher